Wide local excision(lumpectomy) and local parenchymal or regional flaps (Tissue replacement techniques)

What does the procedure involve?

After your oncological surgeon has removed the lump, Dr van den Bergh will use the same incision to recruit tissue from within the breast to fill the defect. In cases where regional tissue was decided on for reconstruction, an added incision might be necessary to harvest and re-distribute the tissue from either the sidewall of the chest (known as a LICAP, ICAP and TDAP flap) or the back (known as a Latisimus Dorsi flap).

Who is a good candidate for flap reconstruction?

For cases where a prosthetic/implant-based reconstruction is not advised or not desired by the patient, an autologous or flap reconstruction is better suited. Dr van den Bergh will thoroughly discuss the risk, benefits, possible complications and long term implications of this form of reconstruction with you.