Liposuction and fat fills (or combined in one procedure)

What is liposuction ± fat fills?

Liposuction refers to a procedure in which fat is removed from the body. The procedure effectively enhances the contours of the body shape by removing fat from areas such as the thighs, stomach, hips, and buttocks.

Fat fills refer to a process in which fat is removed from one part of the body and purified before it is injected into another part of the body. Fat fills can be used to improve the appearance and suppleness of various parts of the body, including the cheeks, lips, and breasts.

Liposuction and fat fills can be combined into a single procedure, in which case fat is taken from a donor site and injected into a target site.

What does the procedure involve?

During the procedure, the donor site is marked and then injected with a specially formulated numbing solution before Dr van den Bergh begins liposuction. A small incision is made at the site of treatment, and a suction cannula is inserted to break up and removes the fat cells. The tube is attached to a vacuum machine, which loosens the fat, pulling it out of the body.

When liposuction is combined with a fat fill procedure, once the fat has been extracted, it is purified before being injected into the target area, such as the cheeks, lips or breasts.

Who is a good candidate for liposuction and fat fills?

Where liposuction per se addresses excess fat, for those who would like to enhance the contours of their body and increase plumpness and suppleness in areas such as the breasts and facial features, the procedure is combined with a fat fills procedure.

The combined liposuction and fat fill procedure is an especially effective surgical tool in the enhancing of breast aesthetics. Liposuction and fat fills may be helpful in the armamentarium of breast reconstructive surgery where contour deficits/abnormalities are present after surgery, or as treatment for the effects of fibrosis and radiation damage.

Dr van den Bergh will be able to advise whether this surgery may be best suited for you as well as discuss the indications and possibilities, possible complications, limitations and future implication of this procedure(s).